Early Years build the foundation for all that comes later.


We are inspired by the revolutionary movement in education which Dr. Montessori began over 100 years back and which is still so relevant in the present times making this method so popular in all parts of the world. We offer a nurturing learning environment to children in the crucial early years of life following all the guidelines necessary for a true Montessori approach - Carefully prepared aesthetic learning environments, mixed age children's community, professionally trained and passionate Montessorians as educators, uninterrupted work cycles for children in their daily routines and a strong focus on developing core life skills in an environment respectful to the needs of the child.

The most important period of life is not the age of university studies, but the first one, the period from birth to the age of six.

- Dr. Maria Montessori



The founder-parents (IIT alumni) were looking for an authentic Montessori environment for their daughter for her early childhood education and after finding widespread distortion of the Montessori method in most schools in the surrounding area that claim to practice it, they were inspired to set-up a Montessori Children’s House of their own to offer authentic Montessori learning environments to the wider community. Sketches has been founded, is fully managed and is being run by parents and passionate Montessori educators who want this truly transformative education for their children in the formative years of their life.




As today’s fast paced world evolves quickly, it is imperative that we provide children with learning experiences beginning from early years that prepares them to navigate a complex, rapidly changing world.

Over 100 years ago, Dr. Maria Montessori developed a method of education based on scientific principles and discovered that between birth and six years of age, children have a heightened capacity for learning that will never again be so compelling and influential. This has now been proven and established through extensive research in brain development.

Our authentic Montessori environments for children in 1.5 - 12 years age group offer a purposeful integration of learning concepts about the world with experiences that intentionally cultivate skills, character traits, mindsets, and competencies in early years - necessary for success in this changing world. Montessori education is not merely a preparation for academics or school rather it is an education for life.

Education should not limit itself to seeking new methods for a mostly arid transmission of knowledge: its aim must be to give the necessary aid to human development.

- Dr. Maria Montessori



  • Montessori

    Parenting Program

    For Parents with Children

    aged 0 - 3 years

    8 week duration

  • Primary


    2.5 - 6 years

    09:00 - 13:30, Mon - Fri

  • Elementary.jpg



    6 - 12 years

    09:00 - 15:00, Mon-Fri


    Montessori Training

    Classroom and Online Learning

    6 months duration

    Certified Diploma Program




Niti Gupta

Founder Parent
&  Directress
Trained Montessorian
IIT Kharagpur Alumnus

Shalini Rani

Directress, Elementary Environment
Trained from AMI India
(2.5-6, Primary | 6-12, Elementary)
Worked in India and abroad

Florence Bibbin

Primary Environment
Trained from IMTC, India
(2.5-6, Primary | 6-12, Elementary)
Worked in Bangalore

Bhavana Rastogi

Primary Environment
Trained  Montessorian
(2.5-6, Primary)
Worked in Jaipur and Noida

Hemalatha Srinivasan

MNTTA Montessori Course Director
Trained from AMI India, 1978
40+ years of experience in Montessori schools in US/India


“My daughter has been going to Sketches from July last year. I have noticed a positive change in her. She has become much more patient and calm. She has become more observent. I highly recommend Sketches, as I think it is the only Montessori in Noida that follows the actual Maria Montessori method. The way the kids are taught is really interesting. The level of patience that each directress has is note- worthy. The environment and the materials used is totally child friendly. Niti and Nishant have done a commendable job in creating such an learning environment for the kids in Noida. Sketches helps in making the child a complete human being. Thanks Niti and Nishant for giving us Sketches.”

- Anisha, Aatika's mother




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