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Our Story

A SEarch that turned Futile


In 2017, as our daughter approached her second birthday, we embarked on the journey of exploring early childhood schooling options. Our anticipation was mixed with both excitement and anxiety as we ventured into this new chapter. However, our excitement soon waned as we visited numerous places in Noida. Despite their grand promises, we found ourselves increasingly disheartened by the quality of learning experiences they offered. It became apparent that many of these establishments adhered to a factory-model of education, oblivious to the unique personalities and needs of each child. Their limited understanding and misconceptions about young children's developmental requirements were glaringly evident. A significant portion of early education centers seemed more focused on running coaching and training facilities, pushing children prematurely into the next level of schooling. It was disheartening to witness the loss of potential in these formative years. Our children deserve better from our generation of parents and educators. Furthermore, to deliver what they deemed as effective coaching, many schools resorted to the use of electronic and digital media in their curriculum delivery. However, this contradicts extensive research indicating the adverse effects of screen exposure on young children. A smart screen cannot replicate the value of hands-on work and genuine interactions with adults and peers in facilitating meaningful learning experiences.

A PHILOSOPHY Distorted by vested interests


Our introduction to the Montessori approach came about while delving into various resources related to conscious parenting. As our interest deepened, we embarked on a thorough exploration of this method, discovering why it has garnered such widespread popularity as an alternative educational approach worldwide. Despite originating over a century ago, its relevance in contemporary times became abundantly clear. With newfound enthusiasm, we resumed our search for a Montessori school in Noida, only to encounter even greater disappointment. Similar to Yoga, Montessori is a philosophy and has not been trademarked. Grounded in child developmental psychology, Montessori pedagogy, when implemented correctly, offers a truly transformative learning experience for children.

 While Montessori education has been a steadfast movement in India for over 70 years, North India is flooded with distorted or inauthentic versions of it. This abundance of distortions can be attributed to various factors including a lack of understanding among educators, uninformed parents, misinformation propagated by schools, and the blatant commercialization of education through franchising models.

WHEn PAssion became A STRONG purpose

Current research in brain development strongly supports what Montessorians have long advocated: the first five to six years of life are crucial for laying the foundation for future development. As parents, we were deeply convinced that providing our daughter with a learning environment focused on holistic development during this critical phase would be the greatest gift we could offer her—not just a school focused solely on academics, but a setting that prepares her for life. Thus began the journey to establish Sketches Montessori, the first authentic Montessori House of Children in Noida.

The school opened on our daughter's second birthday, marking her first day at Sketches. Soon, other parents joined hands, forming a community of young Montessori learners. Together, we are building a community of like-minded parents who embrace Montessori principles, integrating them into their parenting styles to ensure that both the environment at Sketches and at home fully support each child's development potential.


Give your child the gift of an authentic Montessori learning experience during their foundational years—a balanced education that is essential for success in today's everchanging world.

We extend a warm invitation for your child to become a part of our vibrant community of Montessori learners at Sketches. We offer programs tailored to toddlers (1.5 – 3 years), primary students (3 – 6 years), and elementary learners (6-12 years).

We welcome you to join our expanding community of Montessori parents, where you can connect with like-minded individuals dedicated to fostering holistic development and lifelong learning for our children.


Best regards,

Niti Gupta  |  Nishant Gupta


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