Niti Gupta

Founder-Parent & Directress

Niti is an engineering graduate and MBA from IIT Kharagpur but foremost a mother who found inspiration in her daughter to set-up a Montessori Children’s House. As a Montessorian, she is living her passion at Sketches and works with children in the primary environment. She holds a diploma in Montessori education from MNTTA, Bangalore. As the founder-parent at Sketches, she is growing our community of young Montessori learners and is also building a community of like-minded parents who want this truly transformative education for their child.


She worked in corporate HR roles prior to becoming a full time mother and follow her passion to be a Montessorian.


A quote from Dr. Maria Montessori, she finds really inspiring -


“We must help the child to act for himself, will for himself, think for himself; this is the art of those who aspire to serve the spirit.”                      

Nishant Gupta


Execution & Operations Support

Nishant is an engineering graduate from IIT Delhi. He has worked in different roles in the pharmaceutical industry for 8 years with some of the top multinational firms at different locations around the world and continues to work in the pharma industry.


As a father of a young daughter, he realized the importance of early years of life and co-founded Sketches with his spouse. He is the key troubleshooter at Sketches and supports marketing, strategy, operations and planning with a passion to establish Sketches as an exemplary Montessori House of Children.

A quote from Dr. Montessori, he finds really inspiring-

“To stimulate life, leaving it free, however, to unfold itself - that is the first duty of the educator.”

Renu Batra

Directress, Primary Environment (3-6 years)

Renu is an experienced Montessorian who has worked in different countries with young children. Prior to joining Sketches, she worked at a Montessori School in the US for 3 years in a mixed age environment with 3-6 year old children. In her previous roles, she worked as an educator in India and few other places globally (Argentina, Hungary). She received her Bachelor and Masters degrees in India and completed her Montessori Teaching Diploma in 2006. 

A trained Yoga Instructor, she has been passionate about both of these work simultaneously. Her Yoga practice brings calmness, patience and positive energy throughout the day that she utilizes working with young kids in the environment for their holistic development. She believes that if any educational approach gives value to human spirit in such a young age then it's only Montessori environment. Seeing young children working by themselves most of the time and being responsible and Independent with little bit of guidance & firmness makes all the difference.

A quote she finds really inspiring –

"The greatest gifts we can give our children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence.”

Shalini Rani

Directress, Elementary Environment (6-12 years)

Shalini is a graduate from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi and a postgraduate from University of London. She got her AMI diploma in Montessori Primary education (3-6) from Sir Ratan Tata Institute, Mumbai and AMI diploma in Montessori Elementary Education (6-12) from MTRT, Hyderabad.

She has worked for a few schools in Delhi previously. She helped establish the primary environment for a new Montessori school in Thailand and worked there for 2 years prior to returning back to India and joining Sketches Team.


A mother of a daughter, Shalini is deeply invested in the Montessori philosophy and method of education and this is not just a profession for her but her chosen way of life. 

Ruchi Sinha

Directress, Toddler Environment (1.5-3 years)

Ruchi is a graduate from Delhi University and has worked as a professional photographer for over 5 years in the US. A mother whose children (twins) joined Sketches community as toddlers, she first developed strong interest in the Montessori principles as a parent and went on to obtain her professional training in Montessori education from MNTTA, Bangalore.


Prior to pursuing her passion in photography, she worked for over 7 years with various multinational companies in learning and development and quality functions.


A quote from Dr. Maria Montessori she finds really inspiring -

“The child is truly a miraculous being and this should be felt truly by the educator.”

Vibha Arora

Directress, Primary Environment (3-6 years)

Vibha is a graduate from Delhi University and obtained her diploma in Montessori Education in 2015. 

She has worked with young children for over 7 years at different schools in Delhi and Noida and she is really passionate about her work as a Montessorian.

A trained fine arts specialist, she is really good with planning and executing various art related activities and projects for children.

A quote from Dr. Montessori, she finds really inspiring -

"Imagination does not become great until human beings, given the courage and the strength, use it to create."

Archana Gupta

Administration In-charge

A Grandparent at Sketches

With over 35 years of experience as a teacher for children in 2-6 year age group, helping young children to reach their full potential is her passion. Children in our community are strongly attached to her and fondly call her “dadi”. She is a post graduate in Hindi and supports us as the Hindi language expert in our environments. She handles day to day operations and manages the administrative functions at the school.

A quote from Dr. Montessori, she find really inspiring -


“Children are human beings to whom respect is due, superior to us by reason of their innocence and of the greater possibilities of their future.”

Hemalatha Srinivasan

MNTAA Course Director

Lead Montessori Trainer

Hemalatha Srinivasan is a renowned Montessorian. She obtained AMI Diploma in Montessori Education in 1978. She has over 41 years of experience working in the Montessori Environments (both locally and abroad). She has been the head of many Montessori Schools like Lexington Montessori School, Lexington (MA) USA, Golden Bead Montessori House of Children, Bangalore, India. She has participated in many AMI and AMS conferences worldwide.


She has designed MNTTA’s Montessori training program which is being offered at Sketches and is the lead trainer for the program. Her course is a benchmark training program delivered through online and classroom sessions. The online content includes comprehensive video films including minute details for each and every activity of Montessori Education. She has been an examiner for various Montessori Teacher Training programs and also provided consultancy services to very well-known Montessori Schools in India and abroad. 

Anchal Sobti Mitra

Montessori Trainer

Curriculum Expert

Aanchal is graduate in Psychology (Major) from University of Mumbai and a postgraduate from Lancaster University, United Kingdom. She holds an AMI Montessori Diploma 3-6 from the Maria Montessori Institute, London. She worked in three AMI Schools in London as part of her teaching practice and also in a Montessori School based in Mumbai. She has also obtained a training in Montessori Infant Toddler Program (0-3) from North American Montessori Center. She is the trainer for the Montessori training program offered at Sketches in association with MNTTA, Bangalore. She also supports Sketches team as the curriculum expert.


She worked in corporate sector for a few years but later decided to pursue a career in working with young children which drew her towards Montessori. As a mother of a daughter and a Montessorian, she deeply believes in this pedagogy and is a strong supporter of establishing authentic Montessori environments in North India. She also likes to devote her time teaching spoken English to economically weaker sections of the society and working with various NGOs. 

Rajiv Shankar Agrawal 

MNTTA Director

Rajiv is the founder director of MNTTA (Montessori and Nursery Teachers Training Academy). He is an engineering graduate in Computer Technology and a postgraduate diploma in Advanced Computing.  

He is a Certified Project Management Professional (PMP) from the Project Management Institute (PMI) and Leadership credentials from George Washington University.  He has over 15 years of experience in Information Technology working with companies like Intel and HP.

He is very passionate in the Education Domain and founded MNTTA in the year 2009 with the vision to provide professionally qualified teachers to preschools.  

He realized that to offer a consistent high-quality training program, one has to use the technology and developed on a unique model for Montessori training producing over 200 videos to standardized the Montessori Presentations under the direction of Mrs. Hemalatha Srinivasan.

Bhavana Rastogi


Bhavana is an engineering graduate from Bangalore, who first got introduced to Montessori principles as a mother and went on to get her professional training from two institutes - IMTC, Bangalore and MNTTA, Bangalore. She shared the same passion for establishing authentic Montessori environments in Noida as the founders and was the first one to join the team as the directress for Sketches Children’s community. Her journey with Sketches halted when she had to move to another city for personal reasons.


A mother of two daughters, her journey in Montessori practice began when both her daughters went to a Montessori School for their early education. Fascinated with the methodology, she began working at the same school and believes that her background in engineering helped her connect with the philosophy because it is so scientific in approach and based on direct observation of children in a prepared environment.