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DISCOVER, EXPLORE, CREATE: A glimpse into the activities of the Elementary Children Community throughout the year

Updated: Mar 30

Catch a glimpse into our elementary program for 6-12 year olds —a realm where curiosity thrives, and learning has no limits. Join us as we delve into the unique elements that make our program dynamic and enriching for every child. Beyond the boundaries of the school, our commitment to holistic education leads us to embrace field trips and outbound adventures, connecting children with real-world experiences that ignite their interests and passion for exploration.

Additionally, our elementary program values arts as a crucial aspect of a comprehensive education. Through creative expression in art sessions, children develop their imagination and aesthetic sensibilities. Moreover, at our Montessori school, we emphasize the importance of observation, not only for educators but also for parents. Recognizing the pivotal role parents play in their child's educational journey, we invite them to observe the children and the educators working in the classroom firsthand. This provides parents with valuable insight into how the elementary children work independently, collaborate, and plan their day and how all the other Montessori principles are applied practically in the environment. They understand how the educators follow this child-centered approach and respectfully guide children to take agency in their own learning and develop key life skills.

Moreover, our program recognizes the importance of catering to the diverse needs of children in the age of 6-12. We offer opportunities for children to engage with specialists in various fields, whether they are a scientist, a musician, or a sportsperson etc. These interactions provide unique perspectives and experiences, guiding them to understand the variety of professions out there and how our interdependencies work for the progress of humanity.

Join us as we embark on this exciting exploration of the Montessori elementary program at Sketches Montessori, where learning is a journey of discovery and wonder. Together, let's cultivate a love for learning that transcends boundaries and nurtures a lifelong thirst for knowledge.

Below, we're providing a link to the annual newsletter where you can see all the activities our elementary children’s community engaged in - beyond the daily work cycles in the Montessori environment, during the 12 month period from April 2022 to March 2023.

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