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Montessori at HOMe program
for Parents
0-3 age group

“On every teacher and every parent, I urge not great instruction, but humility and simplicity in dealing with small children.”

- Dr. Maria Montessori

Providing guidance to parents to help their child learn the Montessori way at home and to support child's development from birth to 3 years. The focus would be to enable parents to prepare and present different learning materials in the

the various learning areas.

🔹 Overview of the Montessori Principles & Philosophy

🔹 Setting up the home environment
🔹 Practical Life Activities
- Elementary Movement activities for gross-fine motor skills
- Care of Environment activities
- Care of Self
- Grace & Courtesy exercises for Social Relations
🔹 Language Work
- Preparation of hand
- Introduction to phonics
- Enrichment of vocabulary
- Oral activities & Sound Games
🔹 Sensorial Work (Activities for refinement of senses):
- Visual, Tactile, Stereognostic, Baric, Thermic, Olfactory, Gustatory, Chromatic
🔹 Culture Work
- Introduction to various areas of geography, art, botany, history, geometry
🔹 Learn activity lessons for your child which includes:
- Presentation of activity
- Preparation of work surface
- Analysis of movement
- Points of interest
- Direct & Indirect Preparation

Please drop a note to check about the next batch schedule and the program fee.

Should you have any more questions, please leave your contact details below and our team will get in touch with you. 

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